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Twin Screw Extruder with Conditioner for Making the Pet Feed

Publish Date 2022-07-28
Pet food produced by wet extrusion machine tastes better and is more digestible for pets.

The so-called wet method is to heat raw materials through steam, that is, to preliminary treat the raw materials, so that the starch is pre-gelatinized, raw material softening, which is conducive to improving the puffing quality of pet food.

The structure of starch in the raw materials changes and becomes easy to absorb nutrients. After heating and pressurizing, it is extruded from the puffing machine. Because of the sudden decompression, the water is vaporized instantly, and the pet food will expand rapidly, which is the so-called puffed pet food.

The shapes of pet food ware obtained by changing the extruder'mould. Moulds can be customized according to customer require.
After the pet food is produced by puffing machine, it is sprayed with oil and seasoning. And the seasoning equipment including semi-automatic flavor tumbler, automatic flavor tumbler and vacuum tumbler etc, which all can be customized for client according to the output.

Finally, by cooling conveyor and reducing the surface temperature of drying feed particles, promote grease solidification, reduce the particle temperature, convenient packaging.

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